Upcoming & Present Litters
Sneak x Murphy Litter (due Feb 2019)

Sneark x Murphy Litter  

Kat x Smitty Litter 12/2016

Winnie was lost tragically at 18 months. She had been started on sheep.  Great sense of group and
balance.  I was speechless :)  Exposed to cattle too.  

Max lives on a cattle farm in Michigan.  Already keeping the steers off the feeder

Bob lives on a cattle farm in Ontario Canada.  Already keeping the steers off the feeders, and has been
doing so since he was 8 months old.

Zip lives on a multi use farm including cattle, in North Carolina.  

Hardy lives in North Carolina and has been started on both sheep and cattle

Link to pedigree

Keep X WTCH Diamond S Sammy (Sory) 6/7/2002  - 4 pups went to working homes:
WTCH Starstuff’s Just Plain Grace RTDs – Grace is co-owned with Becky Bailie, and is my true
buddy.  She does the majority of the chores on the farm, and is always there to help.  When not
hindered by my handling, she thinks her way done with the job.  She usually only needs to be shown a
job once to understand what needs to be done.  She does like to work close, but will push out.  Her
exposure to cattle has been limited, and she does gains confidence with each exposure.  She prefers
to hit heads, and is very classic in her hit style.  She often goes to work with me and hangs out in my
office.  At home she is the play police, and is an excellent puppy Aunt.  This dog also has a great
sense of humor, but is dead serious when working.
WTCH Starstuff’s Smoke me a Kipper (Wisconsin)
Starstuff’s Speak Up STDs  (Ohio)
Starstuffs Lazy Bones (currently doing flyball and obedience) (Iowa)

Keep X WTCH True Grit Red Apache 5/2004 – 4 pups that went to working homes:
Just Plain Chai STDdsc – owned by me and currently in training.  Chai is very cute, and very fun, and a
bit on the small side.  She is a fetching fool, and I can’t take 10 steps in the yard before she brings me
something to throw.  She has been started on stock and is showing a good amount of intensity and
grit.  She has been exposed to cattle and was very interested in moving them in any way possible.  In
every day life she is very soft, and the most biddable dog I have.  She is 100% tuned to me.
Starstuff’s Crooked River ATDds OTDc – in training in Ohio.
Mae – in training in Switzerland
Rumor – in the perfect yuppie aussie home in Michigan
Flag – in training in Ohio

Keep X WTCH Rising Sun’s Qwick Draw RTDcs  1/28/05
Starstuff’s Qwick Pic – owned by Becky Bailie, Starstuff (excerpt from Becky's website) Pic was the
only puppy out of my Qwick / Keep cross. Even if there had been a whole litter she would have been
my pick puppy. Being a single she got all the attention in the house and was nicknamed, Piggies
(which she loves!). She is a bold, confident youngster and has been started on stock. She has taken
training pressure right from the start and has a lot of natural balance and group. Pic watches the
heads and tucks them in with a lean. She will come in and grip (likes to eat wool, on the sheep or
ground!) but when told to stay out she sets up and rates nicely. She shows a lot of grit and is very

Keep –  WTCH Rising Sun’s Qwick Draw RTDcs  5/10/06
More info coming

Keep –  WTCH Rising Sun’s Qwick Draw RTDcs  9/05/07
More info coming

Grace (WTCH Starstuff's Just Plain Grace) X Qwick (WTCH Rising Sun's Qwick Draw RTDcs) Born
12/20/2007.  Please visit  www.starstuffwkaussies.com               for more information about Qwick.     
Grace Puppy Photos