Chai grin
WTCH Just Plain Chai RTDs DNA-VP
Over the Bridge
Chai Snow Picture

Born: 5/05/2004
ASCA, AKC registered
Red Merle w/copper & white trim
OFA Good, eyes cleared 02/07
Full dentition
Bred by Becky Bailie & Sue Kelly
Owned by Sue Kelly
(HOF Little Spot's Keepin Up STDdsc DNA X
WTCH True Grit Red Apache)
Chai Pedigree
Chai on Right
Chai is a very fun little dog.  She will forever be a puppy, until it's time to go to work.  Than she is focused
and appears to be really gritty for a little dog.  She was a bit slow to mature mentally, so I have held off on
beginning serious training.  It was worth the wait, and she is ready to start and showing a lot of promise.    
She is an easy dog to live with.  A fetching fool, she will bring just about anything big or small and drop it at
your feet.
Update 3/4/07
Chai began her training in earnest Summer of 2006.  She is pretty easy to push out, and has a great work
in January 2007 when we went to Missouri for 3 days of cattle work.  Small size does have it's
advantages!  She hits heads, and is looking to hit heels.  And, she takes advantage of the smallest gap to
move through to get ahead of her cattle and turn them.

06/2014 Chai finished her WTCH quite a while ago :)  My bad for not getting my website up to date for many
years.  She has been a great little dog, and remains a fetchaholic.

09/15 Lost Chai.  Miss the little dog.  

The Chai/Spur litter produced some amazing dogs.  Rock is out of this cross, and he has exceeded my
expectations.  Working all stock well, amazing chore dog, and with a great temperament.  He has been my
service dog for 3 years, traveling to Europe multiple times with me.  Two amazing pups went to Italy.  
Homer has earned his WTCH, and Gem is getting close.