HOF Little Spot's Keepin Up STDscd DNA-VP
Over the bridge
Little Spot's Keepin Up STDscd

Born: 7/18/1999
ASCA, AKC registered
19.5" - 41lbs - black-bi
OFA good, eyes checked normal 02/07

Bred by Pat Lambeth
Owned by Sue Kelly
Keep Heading Cow
Keep Heeling Cow
Keep July 2006
Keep's Favorite Hangout
Keep works all types of stock.  She is very keen on cattle, hitting both heads and
heels.  She has a very classic heel hit, low and hard.  She hits equally well on push
out.  Due to time constraints and litters, I have not competed with her past the
started level.  I do use her occasionally for chores on the farm, and she is
especially useful when we need to re-teach the ram to respect a dog.  My dogs
are often handler impaired when trialing and training.  I had a difficult time
learning to read her, which delayed her advanced training.  I have no doubt that
with a different trainer she would be much further.  Keep is very protective of the
farm, but is an attention hog when elsewhere.  She is an alpha bitch.  Keep can be
very silly.  She will bring me a sock if I have not picked them up.  She never chews
them, she just brings them to me and wiggles all over.  She quickly chills out in
the house and is happy just hanging around.

Keep added to the foundation of Just Plain Aussies.