Grace with my nephew Paul
keep patch litter
Keep Heeling Cow
Just Plain Chai
Starstuff's Chic
Keep Headiing Cow
Rumor and Chai
Just Plain Aussies
WTCH Starstuff's Just Plain Grace
Just a small place with some good dogs

Sue Kelly, Brooklyn Michigan
Still under construction:  But check back once in a while for updates!


12/12/07 Keep is now a Hall of Fame Dam.  Thanks Anne and
Carol for doing so great with Kip and River.

10/07 Chai places 3rd in Started Sheep at the Nationals

9/15/07 Grace finishes her WTCH, and Chai finishes her

09/12/10 Chai finishes her WTCH

12/16/10 Chai has a single puppy from the Qwick cross.  
Greg :)

07/04/11  Chai will soon be bred to Ruff Stock Rusty Spur

07/05/11 Sue finally gets off her duff and updates her

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