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Just Plain Aussies
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Sue Kelly, Brooklyn Michigan

I have been involved in Aussies for 30 years, and breeding
animals of various kinds for longer than that.  I have a little
farm, and raise goats, sheep, and a few cattle.  

I breed working Australian Shepherds.  To be in my breeding
program, a dog must work cattle, and work cattle well.  I
want some bidability, some grit and heart.  

Gunny x Sneak puppies are here!  Born 4/19/20 See Litter

Sneak has been bred to WTCH Starstuff's Gonna be Qwick.  
Litter expected April 15!  

Sneak x Murphy litter has arrived 3/5/19
6 puppies - 2 red merle females, 1 red merle male, 1 blue
male, 1 red male, 1 red female

Sneak has been bred to Timingstuff Lord Tunderin (Murphy)
and is due February 28, 2019.  See Sneak's Page  Kat has
been bred to Smitty for a repeat litter.  This is a proven
cross, producing pups that want to work!  Special
consideration will be given to working homes.  Litter
expected 04/15/18

07/04/11  Chai will soon be bred to Ruff Stock Rusty Spur

09/12/10 Chai finishes her WTCH

12/12/07 Keep is now a Hall of Fame Dam.  Thanks Anne and
Carol for doing so great with Kip and River.

10/07 Chai places 3rd in Started Sheep at the Nationals

9/15/07 Grace finishes her WTCH, and Chai finishes her

Please see the litters page for future litter information.
Email Sue